Monday, 18 April 2016

Round card - Kaiser Craft - Fairy Dust

So one of my favourite pastimes is coming up with new ideas for apature cards... It's lead me to create many a random creation... Well for today's project it hit me you don't often see a round card! The reason for this may well be its a bit of a beast to construct... And is more a boxcard than just a card... But having been brought up with a mother who is dollhouse obsessed, mini scenes have always been part of my world, so the two sort of come together to create this.... 

So to create my round card is very easy..... 
Take a standard 3 fold - A5 rectangle apature card and cut all 3 panels in to single pieces.... 
Now take one full panel (place backing paper of choice on the part that will be on the inside of your box on top of this panel) and the apature panel (attach acetate to the inside) and stick them together just on the edges to create a cylinder.. 
Now the final panel, cut in half width ways to create the doors! 
Simply stick these over the same seam as where your cylinder joins are... Hey presto one card box of sorts.....

Hope you're all still following ;) 

Now to fill your cylinder...  I used a ribbon reel for my template here, but I'm sure you could find a die the right size. Cut 3 circles, and cover one with paper to use as the base of your inside scene, I used Kaiser craft - Fairy Dust - dew drops. 

For my pop up centre I've used the butterfly oval from the Fairy Wishes page, I cut the wings on the butterflies so they folded up to look a little more dimensional, and glitter glued the "Magical" with an irridescent sparkle. 

The stand up fairy comes from the same sheet, I just cut her out and glued her to a cocktail stick, before poking it through butterfly oval (It will sit on the base to keep her standing upright).

I then created a triangle stand for the butterfly oval, so it sat diagonally in the box, I took a 5-1/2" strip of card and scored it 2"- 1"- 2"- 1/2" gluing the the 1/2" to the first 2" panel to great my stand.

Now to pop our completed base unit in place, take 6 pieces of card 1"X 1/2" and fold in half to make brackets - glue gun these to the base of the scene insert, then glue the brackets to the inside of the cylinder so the scene appears in the window. 

On the back panel of the scene I added another fairy from the fairy wishes sheet, and a couple of butterflies for added depth. 

Now with your second circle, create another 6 brackets and glue these on to the circle and glue in upside down to create a flush roof to your scene, repeat this with the third disc put up the right way in the top of the cylinder so you have a nice top, slightly set inside the cylinder that can now be decorated....

I cut a 1/2" strip from a sheet of - flutterby - and stuck around the inside edge of the cylinder at the top, then cut the scalloped circle text from the fairy wishes sheet and glued in to the top of the box. 

On the inside of the doors I've attached two panels of flutterby. 

To finish my project I added peel off borders around the window and glued double stacked ribbons around the box to tie in to a bow to close the doors... With an added tag from the fairy wishes sheet, and gems around the top rim of the box. 

And that completes my project for today!! I hope this all makes sense! Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :) 

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