Monday, 23 February 2015

Collapsible cards...

So the challenge was set to me by one of our lesson attendees to create a collapsible card lesson... And here is the outcome... As you will spot over time, I have a little bit of a thing for hot air balloons... Even though I would NEVER be brave enough to go up in one lol!!
So this Marion Smith paper just seemed to fit the theme! 
Nirvana collection -typograph 

So to start off...
Select a brown piece of a3 card stock - cut it longways (landscape) to a 9cm width.
Then score along the strip at every 10cm's. You'll end up with 4 10cm panels and a little tab at the end (roughly 2cm)

Next up, before anything else, use your favourite border punch to punch all the way along the base of your now scored strip... 

Once complete.. Fold the four panels and tab in to a square, if the punching from the tab and the last side of the box don't match up, cut the punched part off of the tab. Then glue the tab to the inside of the box, you know have a collapsible cube to decorate! 

Now comes the inside bars & pockets! 
Starting off cut two panels 12cmx4.5cm. Score both ends at 1cm leaving you with a front panel of 10cmx4.5cm.

Next up do the same again (3rd panel) but this time cut another piece of card to cover the front of this panel.. (10cmx4.5cm) using double sided tape, put tape on the sides and the bottom of the piece and stick to the front of the scored panel, you've now created a pocket! 

Now we are going to build a deeper pocket! So this time cut a piece 12cmx6cm and score both ends again at 1cm, cut another front panel - 10cmx6cm and again stick double sided tape on the bottom and the sides of the panel and stick to the front of the 4th panel.... Pocket 2 done!!

Now equally space out the 4 bars starting with the 2 small non pocket panels, then the deep pocket panel followed by the short panel at the back.

I have then used my Marion smith paper to cut out the tabs and put them in the pockets to contain my verse and message. I've decorated around the box using the hot air ballon pictures and tabs. Little off cuts of ribbon glued to the tops of the tabs and I've added area of the numbers from the reverse of the paper... You could use these to add an age to the box if you wish! Or just added detail !

If this design is not your cup of tea you could use this style to create flower boxes, toy boxes, or many other themes & topics! 

As always all the bits you need to make this project are now in stock at Craftmania! 

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Frame Lesson results....

We have recently had a couple of lessons recently where we have taken 12x12 wooden frames (£12.99) and decorated them, all of the group started by picking a selection of 12x12's and card stock to follow our examples layout,  we had lots of fun with stamping and distressing wooden hearts, layering papers and painting frames... As everyone was allowed to pick their own papers the results are very diverse! But all brilliant! Here are a few of our favourites -

Sophie Ellis 

Cherry Lockwood 

Wendy Walters 

Stencilled shutter card

This was one of the very first projects I made for our Cardmaking workshops late last year...
Using a 6x6 butterfly stencil (£5.99) and acrylic paint, I simply stippled through the stencil covering a sheet of cream linen card. Once dried, I cut them out and scored the wings so they have a little more dimension! I also distressed over them with a little shabby shutters to match in the green ribbon and leaves. 

The card was a little bit of a cheat... It was already cut and scored.. Ready to go! 
Down the sides I have cut bars of marble effect cream & gold Centura pearl (35p a sheet) 

Using kaisercraft Pitter patter - baby cakes 12x12 papers I have cut and covered all the panels on the card - being a double sided paper, one side is covered in the flowers, and the reverse is pink and white text.

I've then added pink ribbon wrapped all around the card at both ends with a thinner green ribbon on top. The middle bottom jut out part is the same ribbon idea, just reversed.. (Thin pink ribbon on wide green ribbon) wrapped around just that panel.

Using my favourite flower die set, (£16.99) with a couple of flower heads, and leaves, I've die cut more of the cream & gold marble Centura pearl to create the flower sprays. 

The centre happy birthday was a gold peel off, coloured over with a green peel off marker, the card it is on is another square of cream & gold marble Centura pearl, but I've distressed around the edge and over the top with shabby shutters. 

Few added green pearls and that's this project done :) 

Sunday, 15 February 2015


As a massive thank you for reading my blog in it's very first week we want to reward you all! 

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This page was kne of our recent scrapbooking lesson projects at Craftmania Lowestoft, we started off with a kaiser craft 12x12 for the art of likpfe collection called - 'everyday'... Know for you that have been lucky enough to get your hands on kaisercraft 12x12's before will now at the base of the page is a little strip, on one side they print all the boring bits... Barcodes, collection name and page name etc... BUT on the reverse is one of my favourite little treats... A co-ordinating bar of paper! So for instance with this page the butterfly strip you see running through my page in the reverse of this strip! It's a lovely way to have a small print design that co-ordinate so without having to trim bars off of other pages.   
So anyways back to it... Once cutting off this base strip I added a washi tape BALCK line around the page, choose my photos and mattered and layered them with a heft mat, leaving enough room that with a Hougie  board I could score a boarder around the photos, before distressing the edges with a Tim Holtz vintage photo distress pad.

The stamped images on this page all come from one gorgeous set of kaisercraft clear stamps - heirloom (£7.99 in stock now!) I've used memento black ink (£3.99) and once again distressed the edges with Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink (£5.49)

Before constructing my page I die-cut one of the kaisercraft clock dies and rounded the hands on the top of it to give more depth to the page, I've then threaded this die cut on to the bar I mentioned earlier and foam padded both on to my page around a third up from the bottom. I have then added metal flower embellishments (£1.79-4pk) along with pearls and feathers dotted about.

The other detail I have added is the flower punch ring to the top of the photos, this is using a tonic punch (£11.99) Simply punch along an a4 sheet (landscape side) and the cut falls off, then crease equally all the way along at as many points as you wish (this will depend how deep you wish the frame to sit on the page). Once folded, glue one end to the other to create a circle, with a little gentle persuasion you will be able to sit it flat, (I used a glue gun here for speed, but you could use Pva if you don't mind holding in place for a little while), Place glue along the flat lines on the base of the circle, you don't need to do every line, Imagine it's a clock - I did 12-3-6-9, I then distressed the tops of it, if you do it once in position I found you get better shading than doing before you stick it in place.

And that's about it :) any questions please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments :)

As always all of the products are currently available at Craftmania Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Upcoming lesson - Purple Hues!

A little creation I made this evening :)
Please let me know what you think in the comments.. 
Tuesday 17th March - 6:30-9:00
Wednesday 18th March 2:00-4:30
Saturday 21st March 10:00-12:30

This lesson, like all of our others... Will be £8 and everything you need to make this card and one other project will be provided for you :) 

To book please 01502 218281 during store hours :) 

(9-5 mon-sat)

Lessons take place at Craftmania Lowestoft -
6 Milton road east 

Spinning photos...

This layout is a great design if you've got multiple photos along the same theme that don't all need to be seen at once... Fireworks, sea lion show,etc, or of course a trip on the London eye ;) 

Firstly select the photos you wish to use, and decided if you would like to use all landscape or portrait photos, then you can decide on your 12x12 where you wish for the appartures to be cut, select the 
depth of the frame around your photo you wish for and then cut the aperture, of course landscape apertures can go either side of the page with portrait photos being at the top or the bottom. 

Now for making the wheel.. Simply draw around a large dinner plate on cardstock and cut it out, attach your photos equally spread out around the wheel, remembering that the photos need to be stuck on to the wheel in all different directions so as the wheel spins they arrive in the aperture the right way up :) 

Next up cut a small grove in to the top of your page where the point of your wheel will be
(I used the bottom of a cup to Ho get my dip), and cut out.

Now using a brad, pin through the middle of your wheel and then pin through your page lined up so your photos appear in the aperture. I have my wheel slightly off centre here, favouring the right side of the page, also don't forget to make sure even before cutting your aperture in the 12x12 that the wheel will be slightly proud of the top of the page so you can get hold of it to spin it without having to remove the page from your album.

Attach a ribbon across your page.
Now mat and layer two more photos, and foam pad them over lapping each other, and the original photo window. 

I then used blue washi tape to frame around my photo window and one of the layered photos.

The flowers are made using quilling dies from a check 12x12 (only39p!) and added tiny blue buttons to the centres (10p each) 
Ive used my trusted Kaisercraft alphabet stamps for my ''London' title and then heat embossed them 
with silver metallic embossing powder

The backing paper I have used for this project is one of my beloved kaisercraft 12x12's - this time from the key to my heart collection - 'flattered' (in stock now!) 

I hope you like this idea and can hopefully put it to use in your own album :) 

As always these products are all available in store at Craftmania or we can always send them to you :) 
01502 218281 

Trade - 
(If you wish to stock kaisercraft products in your business please contact Jones Crafts for more details) 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Gated shadow box

Gated shadow box... This project I made a little while back now but felt it the perfect second project for my blog.. 
I have painted the outside of the box & the gates with dark blue acrylic paint, once dried I applied chipped sapphire and black soot to give it a little more depth to the colour. 
I added pearl gems to the top, and tied jewellery chain around the bars. 

I used a variety of Kaisercraft papers on the inside of the cubes from these collections 
Art of life 
Key to my life 
On this day 
The frames around the photos come from a Marion Smith 12x12 from the Motley collection

All of the clock faces come from a Kaisercraft background clock face stamp (£3.99) 
I have left some plain, just black momento stamped on white card stock, for others I have distressed them with tattered rose. 

The decorations for inside the cubes....
Top left, I have coloured over bright red gem hearts with a brown peel off marker. 
Top middle, I have used our wooden cut out numbers and inked them with tattered rosé distress pad 
Top right, click stamp, now you may notice here the bubble over the clock (the same in the middle cube and bottom left) the bubbles are the tops of googley eyes! Take the eye, and remove the base, taking out the eyes pupil, leaving just the dome.. Add a little pva to the rim and you've got incredibly cheap stock on domes! 
Middle right, I have used an empty wire spool and just cut my paper to fit the spool, gluing on a heart bead to the backing paper to this cube and the bottom left is designed to look like book spines, so I scored the books, rounded out the spines and pipped them full of silicone before gluing in place, I know the photo is hard to see, but they have dried with a lovely bookcase spine effect :) 

The added butterflies on the outside gates and the box have been coloured in with a dark brown peel off marker. (However the camera makes them look a little more purple than brown) 

Besides that I've dotted a few bead end caps around, and added pearls to the centres. 

The gated boxes are currently in stock in both stores, these are £19.49
If you can't make it in store, give us a call on 01502 218281 and we will post one to you 
(FREE P&P!) 
All of the papers, gems, flowers, stamps etc.. Are currently in stock too!

Wholesale - These boxes and papers are all available through Jones Crafts

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Behind closed doors...

I have to admit Blue Bay is one of my favourite collections from Kaisercraft at the moment, I have layered several of this collections papers, starting with a full base sheet of  'misty', I have cut diagonally through a sheet of 'sky blue' following the door frames, cutting a few of the doors so they flip open to reveal photos attached to the misty sheet. I have also used doors from the remainder of the sky blue page to layer on top of the first level doors to give a more dimensional effect.  
 For the lace effect on the wooden board down the left hand side I have used the first panel from the reverse of the sea breeze sheet.

 I loved the vintage bike and couldn't bring myself to cover over the front wheel, so using a craft knife I cut the front tyre in a half moon so it could layer over the top of the lace edge.

Now not only is this collection my favourite set of papers I just love the accompanying stamps!
As many who attend our lessons will agree... Since they arrived we've stamped these on virtually every card & scrapbook page we've made in some form or another! 
The one I've used on this page is my front runner, but all of the verses are beautiful and versatile! 

The flowers have all been cut out of the sea breeze sheet, (this is the leftovers from the lace panel). 
I have used quilling dies and matching leaves to create these flowers with added pearls in the middles.

I have lightly distressed a few elements using 'peacock feathers' distress inks. 

I loved the idea with this page that you could hide photos/journaling you didn't wish for everyone flipping through your album to see by closing the doors before putting the page in your album sleeve.

I hope you like the page :) please let me know in the comments what you think :) 

If you wish to attend this lesson, where we will be making this page and one other, please give us a call on 01502 218281 

Saturday 4th April 2:00-4:30
Wednesday 8th April 10:00-12:30
This lesson is £8 and everything you need to make 2 pages will be supplied for you, all you need to bring is photos :) 

We have this collection in stock in both stores NOW! 

(If you are a retailer looking to stock these products please contact Jones Crafts) 

Hello all :) 
Welcome to my very first attempt at blogging... Hold on tight, I have a feeling this could be a bumpy ride! 

As many of you will know, I have been announced today as a design team member for Jones Craft - focusing on using Kasier Craft products! So I thought it time I join in with this blogging malarkey, so I can tell you all a little bit more about how I've made the projects you will hopefully recreate at home or in one if our many lessons at Craftmania Lowestoft, Suffolk.

I hope you find this blog helpful, please feel free to give feedback on both the projects and the blog!

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