Monday, 23 February 2015

Collapsible cards...

So the challenge was set to me by one of our lesson attendees to create a collapsible card lesson... And here is the outcome... As you will spot over time, I have a little bit of a thing for hot air balloons... Even though I would NEVER be brave enough to go up in one lol!!
So this Marion Smith paper just seemed to fit the theme! 
Nirvana collection -typograph 

So to start off...
Select a brown piece of a3 card stock - cut it longways (landscape) to a 9cm width.
Then score along the strip at every 10cm's. You'll end up with 4 10cm panels and a little tab at the end (roughly 2cm)

Next up, before anything else, use your favourite border punch to punch all the way along the base of your now scored strip... 

Once complete.. Fold the four panels and tab in to a square, if the punching from the tab and the last side of the box don't match up, cut the punched part off of the tab. Then glue the tab to the inside of the box, you know have a collapsible cube to decorate! 

Now comes the inside bars & pockets! 
Starting off cut two panels 12cmx4.5cm. Score both ends at 1cm leaving you with a front panel of 10cmx4.5cm.

Next up do the same again (3rd panel) but this time cut another piece of card to cover the front of this panel.. (10cmx4.5cm) using double sided tape, put tape on the sides and the bottom of the piece and stick to the front of the scored panel, you've now created a pocket! 

Now we are going to build a deeper pocket! So this time cut a piece 12cmx6cm and score both ends again at 1cm, cut another front panel - 10cmx6cm and again stick double sided tape on the bottom and the sides of the panel and stick to the front of the 4th panel.... Pocket 2 done!!

Now equally space out the 4 bars starting with the 2 small non pocket panels, then the deep pocket panel followed by the short panel at the back.

I have then used my Marion smith paper to cut out the tabs and put them in the pockets to contain my verse and message. I've decorated around the box using the hot air ballon pictures and tabs. Little off cuts of ribbon glued to the tops of the tabs and I've added area of the numbers from the reverse of the paper... You could use these to add an age to the box if you wish! Or just added detail !

If this design is not your cup of tea you could use this style to create flower boxes, toy boxes, or many other themes & topics! 

As always all the bits you need to make this project are now in stock at Craftmania! 

If you're a retailer and just can't live without these gorgeous Marion Smith papers.. Get in contact with Jones Crafts - the ultimate scrapbooking supplier ;) 


  1. This is one of my favorite cards, loved making it too :).

  2. Loved this and the papers too !

  3. I enjoyed this one to Molly, keep thinking we should use the base again with a new theme..