Sunday, 1 March 2015

Photo box

Sometimes pages just don't hold enough photos! This idea is a simple way around it! 
Just add a photo string contained in a photo box! 
For this project I used Webster pages 12x12's     
To make my pocket I took a sheet of a4 linen card and cut it to 21cm wide, 15.5cm.
Score along the portrait side at 1cm then at 2.5cm.
Now turn your card to the landscape side and score it at 1.5cm then 10cm followed by 11.5

You can now cut off the corners at the base of the shard where you made your first score lines to make a flap to fit in to the box. (think of it like a pack of playing cards without a top)
Before gluing use your favourite punch to punch all the way along the top of the box (the bit without the flap) 

Now glue the sides of the box... And dangle a piece of ribbon down roughly a meter long.
Using the glue gun attach the ribbon to the base of the box as you glue in the bottom flap. 
Now for the fun part! Attaching the photos! Let the string come out of the top of the box.. I've left 7cm from the top if the box, I've used blue card 8x13.5cm as my base cards, running double sided tape the length if the blue card on the back through the middle... I've then repeated this 4 times.. Leaving a small gap between photos to allow them to fold up to go in the box! I've then matted white card on the blue with smaller photos on top to create a Polaroid photo style. 

The rest of the page is simple cutting and layering 

Hope you like this idea :)
It works brilliantly for firework displays, concerts etc..

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