Sunday, 15 February 2015


This page was kne of our recent scrapbooking lesson projects at Craftmania Lowestoft, we started off with a kaiser craft 12x12 for the art of likpfe collection called - 'everyday'... Know for you that have been lucky enough to get your hands on kaisercraft 12x12's before will now at the base of the page is a little strip, on one side they print all the boring bits... Barcodes, collection name and page name etc... BUT on the reverse is one of my favourite little treats... A co-ordinating bar of paper! So for instance with this page the butterfly strip you see running through my page in the reverse of this strip! It's a lovely way to have a small print design that co-ordinate so without having to trim bars off of other pages.   
So anyways back to it... Once cutting off this base strip I added a washi tape BALCK line around the page, choose my photos and mattered and layered them with a heft mat, leaving enough room that with a Hougie  board I could score a boarder around the photos, before distressing the edges with a Tim Holtz vintage photo distress pad.

The stamped images on this page all come from one gorgeous set of kaisercraft clear stamps - heirloom (£7.99 in stock now!) I've used memento black ink (£3.99) and once again distressed the edges with Tim Holtz vintage photo distress ink (£5.49)

Before constructing my page I die-cut one of the kaisercraft clock dies and rounded the hands on the top of it to give more depth to the page, I've then threaded this die cut on to the bar I mentioned earlier and foam padded both on to my page around a third up from the bottom. I have then added metal flower embellishments (£1.79-4pk) along with pearls and feathers dotted about.

The other detail I have added is the flower punch ring to the top of the photos, this is using a tonic punch (£11.99) Simply punch along an a4 sheet (landscape side) and the cut falls off, then crease equally all the way along at as many points as you wish (this will depend how deep you wish the frame to sit on the page). Once folded, glue one end to the other to create a circle, with a little gentle persuasion you will be able to sit it flat, (I used a glue gun here for speed, but you could use Pva if you don't mind holding in place for a little while), Place glue along the flat lines on the base of the circle, you don't need to do every line, Imagine it's a clock - I did 12-3-6-9, I then distressed the tops of it, if you do it once in position I found you get better shading than doing before you stick it in place.

And that's about it :) any questions please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments :)

As always all of the products are currently available at Craftmania Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft

If you are a store looking to stock the kaisercraft products mentioned in this post please contact Jones Crafts

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  1. It's a nice Layed out page and great papers .

    See you are getting the hangs of things now :)

    1. Hope so lol, worked out how to link text, still keep getting lost on screens going round in circles lol... And when people follow me I can't seem to find them to add them to circles lol :) but hopefully time will solve all lol :)

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    1. Must admit I'm a little bit of a fan too ;) xx