Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jones Craft Design team Month 2 Project - 4

This month I'm working with the NEW Scrap Yard collection from Kaisercraft on behalf of Jones Crafts. As you may have seen last week I used the papers to cover and decorate a pen carry pot... Well for my next project I thought I would use these for a little scrapbooking! This set is just so versatile!

Recently we went for long weekend to the second largest theme park in Europe - Efteling - currently under construction Is this monster of a new ride - Baron 1898 - and luckily for me the colours of this new coaster matched this wonderful Scrap Yard collection perfectly! 

So to build my page I chose 3 pages from the collection, picked the blue prints style design as my backing and then chose the grey mesh one as layer two - I simply cut 1" off of the top and one side to create my mat then did the same with my next page (script) but upped the removal to 2" - and layered them flat - in the centre. 

Next up I cut mats for both my photos (1 Centura pearl gold - 1 linen terracotta) using black memento and the tic toc clock texture stamp I stamped all over the mats, then attached my photos, and foam padded them on to my page, leaving spaces to pop my cogs under once they were ready. 

On to the cogs and swirls! - and a very stolen technique! I see this and just had to try it! And LOVED IT! 
Using 2 of our new sets of dies - cogs £29.99 (3dies) and swirls £29.99 (2 dies) I cut all of them out of terracotta linen card - then using a black memento pad I stamped all over the top of the cuts - 

For the next stage you take a clear emboss pigment pad and stamp all over the cuts. 

Then take tiny pinches of gold -silver - copper embossing powders and sprinkle them over the cuts randomly -

Tap away the loose bits and pop a clean sheet under your cuts - saving the mixed excess of the metallic mixes for another project ;) 
Now tip clear embossing powder all over the cuts and then heat emboss the lot! 
The metallic powders and the clear will all melt in together to give you a rust effect... And the terracotta and black mixed base coat certainly helps too! 

This one is embossed! And done - the right side just needs to be gone over with the heat gun. 

Now all of your cogs and swirls look a little rusty, you can now foam pad and glue in your swirls and cogs! 

For our next stage we will find the barcode strips we've cut off the 12x12's at the start - I've then trimmed down the black one (you never know when you're making a memory) and foam padded it over my photos. I've then taken the black screw in heads on the silver strip and cut it in to pieces and posted it under my photos, to give the effect the strip goes all the way through.. But this way you get more out of 1 strip ;) 

I've then used 3 journalling pieces from the scrap yard embellishments pack and popped these on the page. Last up I used the circles from the inside of the cogs to foam pad in the corners of the page and the the corners if the photos. 

And that's it! One page completed :) the only thing I haven't explained is the Baron 1898 in the bottom right corner, this is actually a photo of the poster taken off the construction fence surrounding the coaster, and then cut I out instead of leaving it as a full photo - I was rather chuffed with how this looked :) 

As always all you need for this project us available through Craftmania - Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft 

If you're a trade customer looking to stock these products - dies - pages - embellishments - they are all available from Jones Crafts 


  1. Great page and great technique too. I really like the look of the cog with the teracotta and black ink too. I have embossed cogs but not mixed colours, will have to try that

  2. Morning Jamie, I am very impressed with your scrapbook page and think it is as good as your pen pot. The papers match your image beautifully and would also work well with anyone into car crash derby's and demolition and things like that. I think it is brilliant to have stuff like this to scrapbook with. Keep on scrapping.