Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Messy masked card!

For today's blog post I thought we would have a quick run through of one of our recent lesson projects at Craftmania Lowestoft. 
Starting off, we had a standard 3 fold rectangle card blank, I've then cut one piece of card to a5 and two strips for the side panels. Using one of the fabulous Kaisercraft 12x12 butterflies masks (£9.99) I used a black ink pad and a piece of cut and dry foam to ink through the mask to create our black butterfly backround. I've also, on a separate piece of card done a few extra butterfly's to layer! 

Next up we've found a gorgeouse intricate oval stamp set (£5.99) and using the largest one, stamped one in the middle of a a5 piece of parchment, with a knife I've then cut out the middle of the parchment to create a frame. 

Now back to the card blank... Pop it on to a Hougie board (£12.99) and score from the fold line out towards the side panels, every 1cm up to the 7cm line. On both sides. 
You can then accordion fold these score lines. 

Now you have the shelves ready to add in the levels, on the first set of shelves 
(the top edge of the accordion folds) you can stick in the parchment level. 
On the next shelf you can stick your a5 butterfly panel. 

Now for the front... all this leaves is the front side panels, all we do for these is layer the thin strips we inked on earlier on to silver mirror board and black card. 

Now on to the back! 
This time on an a5 piece card I stamped another large oval stamp and cut out the middle. Now glue gun in a piece of ribbon to the back of the oval, then stick a piece of black card over the back of this.

Now to the side panels, again we've layered black card, mirror card and a top level of black card. 
On top of this I've used the smallest oval stamp and printed these on white card, along with 4 butterflies, cut all of these out and layered them. 

The top and bottom swirls are peel offs. 

The wonderful Kaisercraft mask I used is available in store NOW!
Thanks to our wonderful supplier - Jones Crafts 

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